WHY should you VISIT us? We are an Exclusive and Private Personal Training Studio with a STRONG COMMITMENT to EXCELLENCE.

We are addicted to striving for perfection when it comes to customizing your personal training services.  We provide individual attention for those (10) years of age to the senior years who are seeking to achieve a healthier lifestyle or specific fitness goals.

Our unique classes:

  • Target: Body Fat and Develops Muscle Tone.

Disintegrate: Disintegrate: Professionally customize program that combines the best Cardiovascular and Personalize Weight-Training; to develop Muscle Tone and intentionally creates a furnace to burn calories and reduce Body Fat.

  • Target: Upper Body

TONEme!: An excellent class that teaches the basic use of all fitness equipment and how to execute proper form for maximum results, while at the same time creating spiritual energy with new friends.

  • Target: Lower Body

MyGoodies: Uniquely designed to give your body that natural Butt Lift you’ve been asking for. Burns off fat in places where it’s most needed. Removes unsightly saggy lines from the backside to give the sexy curve appeal you desire.

  • Target: Full Body

Sabotage: Reshape and Remold the entire Body; while at the same time reduces Body Fat. The opulent routines challenge the whole Body while under attack.

  • Ambushed Boot Camp

This program is survival of the fittest. This training course challenges the whole body while under attack. It’s about reshaping, remolding, and reducing body fat. It’s opulent routines create energy that will have you coming back to fight for more.

  • Seniors 65 plus years

The most effective preventative approach for our seniors who often face challenges such as osteoporosis, arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and chronic pain is through the guidance of a certified personal trainer. With regular moderate physical activity and strength training we can help seniors live long satisfying lives, manage diseases, increase their confidence and self esteem and remain healthy and strong without having to depend on others for help with daily activities. Your trainer will keep you motivated consistently to reaching your goals.

Our Mission

Educate one person at a time to properly perform mechanical, sustainable movements that create the energy needed to transform to a desirable, functional physique.