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From Flab to Fab in 6 Weeks!
I approached Terry with a short term goal to look fabulous for a corporate event that was only six short weeks away. Terry sat down with me to map out a plan that would work in spite of my busy work and travel schedule as well as a few physical concerns. Not only did Terry believe that my goal was achievable, but also, he knew exactly how to lead me to the results I desired! Frankly, the only factor in me failing was not showing up and not being faithful to the plan! The end result exceeded my expectations and the feedback from everyone was overwhelming.
I absolutely respect Terry’s approach as a trainer. First, he listens to each client and takes a personal interest in seeing each client reach their full potential. Second, he is extremely experienced and confident, which is strength to those who are unsure of what is possible. And just because he has had much success, does not mean he is stagnant or boring! He is constantly bringing new life into his routines without compromising the foundation of what works. Third, you will work hard and give your best. You will learn to think and speak the best. And you are worth it!

5/19/2017 – Penny is the best! She motivates uplifts and instructs in a kind, gentle but firm manner. I began my exercise program three weeks ago and train with Penny twice a week and currently see a difference in my body. My neck hurt to the point I purchased a heating pad to try and soothe it before I began working out. During my first workout with Penny I felt something move in my neck area and my neck no longer hurts. Each workout varies and Penny inspires me to do my best. I feel refreshed and happy after my sessions with Penny and I am having a great time becoming healthier and fit with Penny!–Teresa Basden

38b83a5  Terry was my Trainer over a period of 5 years both in a one on one setting and as part of a class. In both situations he was very personable and focused on helping you attain your targeted goal…..His knowledge in both muscle toning and nutrition are tremendous….his best work was done with me through an innovative training session called’ ab-e-time’…..great results were achieved with a focus on my ‘abs’ while working on toning my total body…He is a result driven trainer with a great disciplined personality….He will make ‘it’ happen

20b9dea Terry is the best in the business when it comes to personal training. he has creativity, out of the box ideas, it never gets “old” or mundane. He consistently listens to your needs and expectations and delivers on them every time. he is a person with integrity and high morals. He is highly motivational and caring person at the same time. I trained with Terry for over 10 years and was never disappointed. I’m a runner, I’ve run over 30 half marathons and terry has kept me injury free through my whole journey with his strength training techniques.

0b4c9a8  I have worked out with Terry for several years. A few years ago, I told Terry that I needed to work on abs and glutes, so he created a class where we worked on both. The class became very popular in the gym and more people signed up for the class and Terry had to add more classes to accommodate his clients. It was never the same routine it was always something different something challenging. This is what I liked most about Terry; he always made it more challenging for those of us who needed that extra challenge. Terry’s training help to sculpt my body and help me keep the weight off. If you want results and you are willing to put in the hard work it takes to get those results, then I recommend Terry Gatewood as your trainer. You want find a more dedicated & creative trainer than Terry. He will help you get the results you want if you stick with him. He is truly an awesome Trainer!!

07edf26  Terry has been my personal trainer for the past 18 months. He is always thinking of new ideas with my workouts to keep me motivated and focused. He is encouraging, upbeat and truly wants me to get results in my weight loss and toning my body. I would highly recommend Terry to anyone looking for a personal trainer. He will definitely work with you and guide you to be successful.

38ef4b4 I highly recommend Terry Gatewood as a personal trainer for I have had the privilege to train with Terry Gatewood for 5+ years. Under Terry Gatewood’s tutelage I found not only a personal trainer but a dedicated professional and coach, who encouraged and pushed me into surpassing my own limits. I entered my first body building competition in 2005 and competed for the next three years, winning various awards and finally receiving my pro-card in 2007.
Terry Gatewood was there every-step of the way as my coach, trainer, and motivator, always present with 100% commitment to my winning. He is a dedicated and knowledgeable professional in an industry that employs far too many part timers. His joy and enthusiasm in fitness is not only contagious but is also felt throughout the gym.

20150131_110622~2  I have really been enjoying my workout time with Penny Gatewood. After just a short time I am seeing the changes in my shape and I am getting much stronger. Penny keeps things fun and is constantly changing the routines and exercises so the workouts are never boring. Almost halfway to my goal and I know I will get there!

Personal training is one of the best things I ever involved Zahra in. This is something she really needed to help build muscle so she can be more stable, stronger and agile. It ALL has to do with you Penny! She adores you, and Mr. Terry. You give her so much attention and really care, that is a rare quality that is not found in everyone. Thank you for all you do for Zahra.
Can’t say enough about Physique Refinements, especially what they have done for that young lady in the picture. When she started, she could barely curl 2lbs. Now she’s up to 10lbs, doing hanging knee raises on her own, running at 5.0 and so much more! Her disability won’t stop her. We owe it all to her trainer Mrs. Penny. 

Need to lose weight or just tone up, this is the place.

During my 35 years of exercise and working out in several gym facilities, Terry Gatewood has by far been the most influential trainer I have ever encountered. He has mastered the technique to individualize fitness programs that create dramatic results for women of all ages. Mr. Gatewood has demonstrated an exemplary work ethic and has been available for professional support whenever necessary. He is committed to beginning and finishing his training sessions while paying attention to the smallest details. His skills with different fitness programs have provided the support needed to ensure these programs operate in a highly efficient manner.
During my training sessions, Terry has supported his programs, demonstrated outstanding customer service, managed effectively and overseen innumerable details. He introduced me to new fitness methods that are age appropriate and then he educated me on how to properly use new equipment. Terry taught me how to balance my life, get huge results, and make new friends that have the same fitness ethics.
Terry is an integral part of both the approach to life and the fitness world. I trust him implicitly with all aspects of his work ethics. He is one of the most valuable trainers upon whom I rely, is extremely competent, exhibits initiative and leadership, and provides quality programs in every endeavor. I whole-heartedly recommend him.

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Posted by Patricia Holt on Friday, May 12, 2017


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